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Through this form you can create a new user account in Siette with the role of student 1). The same person can have several accounts in Siette even with the same email. Once the form is completed, if the user did not exist previously, a new one will be created that will automatically connect.


The accounts are differentiated by a Username that must be unique in the system. In the event that the chosen name already exists, the account will not be created. Siette is not case-sensitive for user names.

Name and Surname

They are necessary to identify the user, although they could be repeated. That is, like two different people, two different users could have the same name and surname.


Email address. It is necessary to be able to send messages to the user, especially it is essential to be able to recover the password in case it is forgotten. Siette does not use this information to send bulk messages, nor does it share it with anyone else.

Each account is associated with an email address, but the same email address can be associated with several accounts. To enter the system you can use both the username and password; or the email and password. If there are several accounts with the same email address, Siette will try all possible combinations and connect with the first one in which the email address and password match.


It is a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters that ensure user input. Siette does not impose any restrictions on the password, although to prevent the identity of the user from being spoofed, strong passwords must be used.he “Repeat password” field is used to ensure that no accidental mistakes have been made when entering the password.

Password to join a group

At the end of the form, an option appears that asks for a password to enroll in a group of students. Student groups can have access to some tests that are not accessible by other users. When creating the group of students, the teacher can define a password and communicate it to the students. If you do not have a password, this field is left blank. In any case, once created, the user can ask the teacher to add him to the group, or enter the group password by editing the user profile.

To use Siette with the role of teacher should contact the administrator of the system
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