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Brief history

Siette emerged back in 1998 as a master degree project carried out by Antonia Rios and directed by Jose Luis Pérez de la Cruz and Ricardo Conejo, with the idea to automate the performance of assessment tests at the University of Malaga. The first version was implemented in C using cgi technology.

Shortly afterwards, it was applied to the generation of questions from a database of European trees within the framework of the project TREE, and the evaluation of knowledge on agrarian economics in the framework of the European projects RITA and TEA.

Subsequently, a second version was implemented, this time in Java with JSP technology, which is used as an independent evaluation system within the framework of the LeActiveMath project. A first authoring tool, called TEDI was built.

Parallel to technological development, more efficient and complete ways of dealing with the evaluation problem are being studied within the framework of intelligent tutoring systems and open user models. These research culminate in the development of the thesis doctoral thesis of Eduardo Guzman and later the doctoral thesis of Jaime Gálvez.

Within the framework of various projects supported by the Spanish National Research Program and the Andalusian Research Program, a third version was developed, which includes a first version of the current authoring tool, called ATHOS.

At this time (2009) the first plug-in was implemented to link with version 1.7 of Moodle. A web services protocol was developed to allows communication with Siette. Since this date Siette has been integrated to the Virtual Campus of Malaga University. Later the plug-in was modified to support versions 2.x and 3.x

Various improvements in the interface and a multitude of new functionalities have been incorporated into Siette throughout all these years with the idea of ​​setting all of them together to be used jointly in the same system.

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