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This section summarizes the main actions that users can carry out according to their role in the system. It is simply an introduction in order to get started.

This guide does not replace the user manual where the system is explained conceptually, nor the help which is intended to explain how the different features of Siette are implemented since each of the interface options correspond. This guide is necessarily simplified, and refers to the manual, the help or the faq if necessary. Its aim is to guide the user who begins.

There are three main roles: Student, Teacher and Administrator. The main activity of the “Students” is the evaluation, which can be simply a conventional test or an activity that requires sending certain results to the system in the form of a file. Teachers are in charge of creating an item bank (a set of questions) and, based on it, define the assessments that students will take. The administrator is the superuser, who supervises the operation of the system and is in charge of granting the role of teacher.


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