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SIETTE is a web based application that allow the development and maintenance of a bank of questions and the assessment using different techniques and strategies. Siette includes severel types of questions, and can assess complex object like computer programs, or complex tasks that require user interaction, like drawing or music playing.

It includes question generation from templates that can retrieve the contain from sspreadsheets, data bases or the semantic web. Siette implements the Classical test theory (CTT), the Item Response Theory (IRT), and can deliver Computer Adaptive Test (CAT).

El sistema integra herramientas para análisis de resultados e indicadores psicométricos de la TCT y la TRI, asi como enlaces a programas de calibración (Multilog, etc.), herramientas de visualización de datos (Ingrid), programas de control de plagio (MOSS) y mecanismos de gamificación (en desarrollo).

It can be used as a tool for collaborative learning or as an assessment module of an Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS). The system can be plugged into a Learning Management System (LMS) like Moodle

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