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-This is the page en:start+~~NOTOC~~ 
 +{{ es:siettelogo.jpg?300px }} 
 +<div centeralign >[[|]]</div> 
 +SIETTE is a web based application that allow the development and maintenance of a [[wp>Item_bank|bank of questions]] and the assessment using different techniques and strategies, providing full control over the selection and finalization of the assessment, and assessment access. 
 +Siette includes several types of questions, from multiple-choice to open questions, including sorting and matching questions, assessment of mathematical content, and other user defined plug-ins extensions. It supports the assessment of complex objects like [[wp>computer programs|computer programs]], or complex tasks that require user interaction, like drawing or music playing.  
 +It includes question generation from templates that can retrieve the contain from [[wp>Spreadsheet|spreadsheets]], [[wp>Data Base|data bases]] or the [[wp>Semantic_Web|semantic web]].  
 +Siette implements  the [[wp>Classical_test_theory | Classical test theory]] (CTT), the [[wp>Item Response Theory |Item Response Theory]] (IRT), and can deliver [[wp>Computer-adaptive testing | Computer Adaptive Test]] (CAT).  
 +The system integrates tools for learning analytics and [[wp>Psychometrics|Psychometrics]] indicators from CTT and IRT, as well as links to callibration programs ([[wp>Psychometric_software#MULTILOG|Multilog]], etc.), data visualization programs ([[|Ingrid]]),  [[wp>Plagiarism_detection|plagiarism detection]] software ([[|MOSS]]) and [[wp>Ludificación|gamification]] elements (under development). 
 +It can be used as a tool for  [[wp>Collaborative learning|collaborative learning]] or as an assessment module of an [[wp>Intelligent_tutoring_system | Intelligent Tutoring System]] (ITS). The system can be plugged into a [[wp>Learning Management System|Learning Management System]] (LMS) like [[wp>Moodle|Moodle]] 
-{{ :es:siettelogo.jpg |}} 
-[[| |]] 
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