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Create a group of new users


It is simply a label associated with the group to be able to recognize it. It can be modified later without affecting the operation of the group, since internally a numeric identifier is used.

Password to join the group

This field contains a sequence of characters that is used as a password to authorize any user to enroll in the group. Knowing this password, when creating a new user, or from the edit user profile page of an existing user, the user can indicate that he belongs to the group, thus gaining access to tests restricted to this group.

Generic group

Indicates if the group is going to be used only in this subject or in any of the subjects in which the teacher has access. In the latter case the group is said to be generic.


It is a small string of characters by which the names of the new users will begin. For example, for the prefix demo the students demo001, demo002, etc. will be created. Up to demo100 (in the event that the creation of 100 students is indicated). If the students already existed, they would not be created, nor would the existing students be incorporated into the group, but simply additional students would be created with the corresponding ordinal, for example demo101, demo102 etc.

New users are created without first name, last name or email, but are assigned a random password. The first time they connect to the system they have to provide this information.

Number of students in the group

Indicates the number of new users to be created. If the field is left blank, no new user will be created, the group will initially be empty, but can be edited later to include existing students.

Create new group from csv file

If there is a file with the names,surnames and email of the students, the group can be created and a new user is assigned to each of the students listed in this file.

The file must have the following structure: Each row represents a single student. The first column contains the name, the second the surname, and the third the email. The separator between the fields must be the one defined in the preferences, by default a semicolon. Optionally, the file can contain a single column per student, in this case the email.

In the case in which students are created from a file, the number of students to create will be the maximum value between the number of rows in the file and the number of students indicated in the form.

Each row of this file will be assigned a new username created from the prefix, following the ascending numerical order, completing with 'blank' students if necessary.

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