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New group

There are two ways of creating groups, those that are created from already existing users in Siette, that is, users who already have a username and password previously; and those who in addition to creating the group also generate new users.

In the first case, all students who have previously taken a certain test of the subject can be automatically included in the group, or the teacher can choose them manually and incorporate them into the group.

In the second case, the teacher must indicate, in addition to the name of the group, a prefix that will be used as the first part of the username assigned to newly created students, which is completed with a sequential numeric value. For example, for the prefix demo the students demo001, demo002, etc. will be created. up to demo100 (in the event that the creation of 100 students is indicated). If the students already existed, they would not be created, nor would the existing students be incorporated into the group, but simply additional students would be created with the corresponding ordinal, for example demo101, demo102 etc. Groups can also be created from a spreadsheet or file in .csv format

New users are created without first name, last name or email, but are assigned a random password. The first time they connect to the system they will have to provide this information.

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